Beijing: The Heart of China

Temple of Heaven Beijing China

The military guy scared me! i thought i was going to get in trouble for filming. It turns out he was just telling us not to cross the line.


Creepy Crawlers

Okay so I watched a few videos on Beijing foods. So Beijing has some pretty weird and interesting foods such as, centipede on a stick……scorpion on a stick……cicada on a stick…grass hopper on a stick……beetle on a stick…and pretty much any other creeper crawling thing you can think of…..served on a stick.

I am a food lover and when it comes to food, I will try anything…or so I thought, until I saw what new foods Beijing had to offer. Maybe when I get to Beijing I will skip the creepy crawlers and look for other new foods. Okay…so goat testicles on a stick…sparrow on a stick….sea horse on a stick…Hmmmm. From centipede to goat testicles to snake skin and everything in between, is served on a stick.

Will there be anything that wasn’t alive with legs or part of something living (like goat testicles and snake skin) and stuck wholly on a stick? Ah yes, fruit on a stick. Unless I get the stomach to try these things, which I most likely will, I think I will just stick to fruit on a stick for now….for now.

If or When I get the guts to eat these creeper things…I will post videos.

Urine Boiled Eggs Anyone?

So my boyfriend told me that China’s new “health food”, eggs boiled in children’s urine, is supposed to be healthy, but he disagrees, do you? Would you try an egg boiled in urine? If you are too scared to try the egg, you can always try the “soup stock.” 哈哈哈哈哈。。。。。

I did not take these pictures.

Photography CC Ministry of Tofu.

Why not an asian boyfriend? My take on dating an asian.

Okay, I have HEARD that, as an American women, having an Asian  boyfriend is a bad thing because first, they are too nice; second, they move too fast in a relationship; third, they have small penises; fourth; there is a language barrier; and fifth, there is a big culture difference.

Okay, I have a Chinese boyfriend, and he is really sweet. Last time I checked, having a sweet boyfriend was a good thing.

Yes, my boyfriend and I moved fast in our relationship, but that is the thing MY BOYFRIEND and I. They only move as fast as you let them. Also, in my opinion of them having small penises, size shouldn’t really matter if you love them. “Besides…Asian penises may be small, but they are strong.”-anonymous

I do agree with there being a language barrier and a big culture difference. Although this is true most of the time, that shouldn’t be the reason to not like someone. My boyfriend and I understand each other 80% of the time. I think he can understand me more than I can understand him, but I am willing to be patient enough to listen to his explanation and try to figure out what he is saying.

To me, the language barrier and culture difference is something I am willing to explore and work around. After all, he is here in America getting a taste of my culture. Not only is he sweet, but he is very attractive.

I think my boyfriend makes a very great and wonderful boyfriend.